Softball fun: The many ways girls make the softball season extra fun

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When it comes to softball fun, girls are natural experts. Not only are you becoming better and better athletes, you’re adding experiences and activities to softball that help make the softball season fantastic.

Here are ways girls across the country (and globe) make softball extra fun. You may want to borrow some of their ideas...

They raise funds together for their team

Softball fun sometimes means going to extra tournaments out of town, or wanting to buy uniforms for the team. Girls find all kinds of ways to earn funds together for their team.

They turn pets or little brothers/sisters into their team mascots

When a pet or brother or sister (or even just a friend or cousin) becomes the softball team’s mascot, it’s great for team spirit, and occasionally for lots of laughs! Girls sometimes find and organize the idea of their team’s mascot themselves, figuring out ways for the mascot to wear a costume, a mask, or just the colors that represent their softball team.

They make softball scrapbooks, softball jewelry, and write in softball journals

Some girls’ softball players really make softball fun by keeping scrapbooks of their season, or of all their years of playing girls’ softball. The softball scrapbook might contain photos of the team, individual sports trading cards if the team has their own made for them, autographs of all the players, ribbons of the team colors, and team uniform patches.

Craft stores sell inexpensive beads in lots of shapes and colors, and beading stores sometimes sell beads that actually look like softballs. The embroidery floss used to make friendship bracelets comes in every color a softball team could possibly be, and bracelets made in team colors are a way girls show their team spirit even at school or when not playing.

They make a difference in the world

Girls softball teams have gathered when they’re not playing or practicing to make the world a better place. For example, some are getting people to sign a petition to get women’s softball back into the Olympics. Here's a softball petition you can also sign.

Other softball players have helped raise funds or gather softball equipment for underprivileged inner city girls who otherwise couldn’t afford to play. Sometimes the cause isn’t even related to softball, such as knitting together for African orphans or doing good deeds in their own communities.

But even when girls’ softball teams do non-softball activities together, they develop a deeper bond that helps them play even better together during games.

They do softball cheers during games and practice them even when they're not playing

A well-known girl softball player who now wants to play for the women's Olympic softball team started out playing baseball with girls and boys. Though she did well in baseball, she transferred over to girls’ softball instead because she thought it was more fun.

And one of her favorite things that added to the softball fun was that girls cheer together during the games. Even off the field or during casual neighborhood softball games, they like to practice their cheering.

They have great softball party ideas

Sometimes they enjoy a swimming party, or sometimes they go out to the movies together. If their families need to save money, they may show a movie at one of the softball players’ homes with popcorn and other snacks.

Sometimes they even have pre-season softball parties that they turn into workshops to get their softball gloves soft and in shape!

Some go on fun outings together to a zoo, a local u-pet farm or horse ranch, a park with a great playground or beach, a carnival, or a minor league baseball game. The classic end-of-season softball party idea is, of course, the pizza party at a local pizza parlor.

Or, girls also combine showing a movie at home with a make-your-own pizza party. The shells, cheese and pizza sauce are already spread, and then a variety of toppings are available to choose from. One medium sized shell is usually divided between two girls, who each put the toppings they like the most on their side of the pizza.

They are put in the oven during the first part of the movie. At intermission, the cooled pizzas are sliced and handed out to enjoy during the rest of the movie.

They have fun with their softball fans on the bleachers

Girls have all kinds of softball fun when it comes to their softball fans. They hand out copies of softball cheers so the fans can join in, and they hand out team colored cookies they’ve baked, or other types of goodies for the softball fans.

Goodies might include team colored buttons, stickers or team flags the girls have made from felt that the fans can wave during the game.

They make friends from around the country that can last a lifetime

Girls’ softball teams sometimes travel out of town. The teams themselves are sometimes made up of kids from other schools, and some leagues create all-star teams made up of softball players from many locations.

When girls have been asked what most makes softball fun for them, they often say it’s meeting other girls from many different locations.

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