Softball jewelry! (for girls, but also for grown-ups)

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Softball jewelry can be fun for everyone involved in the sport -- the kids who play the sport, the parents, other fans, and the coaches.

Some people are specifically looking for fastpitch softball jewelry -- which more often depicts images of the pitcher doing the specific fastpitch motion (as in the necklace shown here -- which you can order, customize, or shop for other softball necklaces by clicking on the image).

Local sources for softball-themed jewelry

You can shop through our Zazzle softball necklaces/pendants page here if you want to order something quickly online.

But if you want to find softball jewelry locally, you may find something that works at your local beading store. These stores often carry beads and charms in the shapes of softballs/baseballs, bats, and other symbols of the sport.

Craft stores also sometimes carry less expensive charms and pendants with softball symbols. Even craft store miniature objects not meant specifically to be jewelry can be turned into softball bracelets, pins, pendents and so forth. For example, miniature wooden bats can be drilled or glued with wood glue to become the pendant on a neckchain. Both beading and craft outlets also carry the beading string, chains and other fixings to turn the beads or charms into necklaces and bracelets.

Softball-themed jewelry can also just be about matching team colors

You can consider just matching a team’s colors for your softball-themed jewelry. For example, if your team is purple and gold, you can create DIY bracelets and necklaces with beads alternating in those colors. Or perhaps adding just one centered softball bead as the highlight.

You can buy bags of beads, for example, in just red and yellow, if that’s your team’s colors.

Another team color-related softball bracelet could be the friendship bracelets girls love to make and trade. Kits with instructions and various colors of floss (the thin, glossy thread used to make the bracelets) are sold at craft stores. The kits usually come with multiple colors, though. You’d need to buy extra floss separately for bracelets made only with specific colors.

Softball jewelry for adults and kids

Adults may prefer authentic professional metal pendants and chains for their softball-themed jewelry. For kids old enough to handle small objects, though, consider buying or making bracelets and necklaces strung with stretchy elastic string for easily taking on and off. Also, it can actually be safer for active kids’ necklaces to be strung with thinner, more easily breakable string rather than the tougher nylon or chains. Better to have to pick up scattered beads from a broken necklace than have a choking hazard that won’t give way when pulled.

Remember kids (and teens and adults) also like to make their own softball jewelry

You can also create a DIY softball-themed jewelry kit for kids. For example, if the team’s colors are purple and gold, buy inexpensive bags of easy-to-string purple beads and gold (or yellow) beads in various shapes at craft stores. Add some beading string and clasps.

Or, if you’re looking for a jewelry gift for young girls’ softball players who know now to make friendship bracelets already, buy them a supply of floss in their team’s colors.

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