Softball posters!

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Softball posters are great for kids’ bedrooms, lockers, or as rec room and office décor, and make fun gifts for softball players.

(Hundreds of pre-made softball-themed posters here, many customizable)

And, below you will see more examples of posters with a softball theme: Most have customization options, including softball posters that allows you to choose the player’s name or team to be printed on the poster.

Making your own softball-themed posters:

If you have a softball photo you particularly like, it’s quite easy today with services such as our affiliate, Zazzle, to have the photo turned into a poster just by pushing a few buttons on your computer.

Let’s say you have a photo similar to the one you see on your left that you want to turn into a softball poster. First, it needs to be digitally stored on your computer, so if it’s a print photo, you’ll need to have it scanned and stored on the computer you’ll be using to create the poster.

You go to the Zazzle “create your own posters” section. You upload your photo there. And then you can choose from different types of poster papers such as gloss or satin. You can also choose from hundreds of fonts and colors if you want to put text on your softball poster.

Once the poster is made, you can purchase just one, or as many of your custom posters as you want. Or, you can just store the design without having to buy any now or ever (no cost). Once you buy the amount of posters you want, they’re shipped out within 24 hours (they also have an express option.)

Artistic ideas for your softball-themed posters

Do you have Photoshop or something similar? Photoshop offers the option of putting filters over photos to make the regular photo look more like art, which can give your posters a unique look. For the one on your left, we used the filter called “poster outline.” For the one on the right we used the “watercolor” filter.

More thoughts on softball-themed posters

As you can see by the posters for sale below, you can also use graphics and lettering instead of photographs to make your softball-themed posters. Just be sure any images or graphics you use are not copyright owned by someone else.

For very young softball players, you might even want to make black outline posters and give them to the kids along with markers or crayons so they can color the posters themselves.

More examples of SOFTBALL POSTERS:

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